Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy page is created to inform users about my website and reduce their ambitions about their privacy.

Who am I?

Gizlilik Politikas─▒: Ege Sucu

My name is Ege Sucu. I’m the sole owner of this website.

My Website: dur. Also, domain shows the same information as main domain.

Privacy Policy: Personal Information

Google Analytics

Your informations are being collected from Google Analytics to inform me about the demographic of users and visitor count. These informations are not shared on any 3rd party company and you can check out Google’s privacy policy on their service.

Except those points, my website does not collect any more private data. Users IP addresses are stored through Google Analytics and used nowhere else than statistic.

The main reason of this website is to introduce myself and it is only directing you my portfolio from my company’s website and to my blog page on Medium.

If you have any questions other than mentioned here or if you want to contact me legally you can use [email protected] to contact me.